Friday, September 6, 2013

So that was a year ago...

I glanced at my blog today, and was astounded at the date of the last post. A bunch of things are different about my little company, but the website hasn't changed. That's a little disappointing, and something I was hoping to spend more time working on this summer. Due to a failed hard drive, it's taking a bit longer than intended, and other projects have gotten in the way.

But on the list of successes, we've managed to service over 250 customers' well loved devices, with many coming back to us for additional tech support and future repairs. We've started a membership program, to reduce costs to our regular visitors by as much as 80$ per repair. We've secured more reliable distributors, improved our back-end software, and increased the on-hand parts supply dramatically.

Other than a nagging need to clean my parts cupboard, I'm thrilled with the way our growth has been rocketing up as we gain a community knowledge of our shop. I'm hoping to be able to hire additional help within the next year, but I'll wait to see what the future has in store.

We just got another sign set up on street level, and the visibility to people walking by is great. We've had a number of people stop in because of it already.

So over the next month, I'm hoping to get more people interested in our new membership program, get the updates to the customer-facing website closer to fruition, and blog more.

Here's hoping,