Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Neat Links, and General Updates

Hi guys, I had some free time today at the office, and thought I'd share a couple links that popped up in my news feed over the last day or two. One is time-sensitive (and a great deal) and the other is generally helpful!

So first off, the Moto X is currently discounted 100$ until tomorrow, (down to 350$ without contract) which is a pretty awesome deal. This is likely a play to try to clear as much stock from their Texas factory as they can before they close it down later this year. These prices will include customization via the Moto Makr, and in my opinion, this is one of the best Android phones on the market right now.
Click here for more information from BoyGeniusReport (Good until June 5th, 2014)

The second neat link I had to share is a webapp called HardReset. This site is a database of phones with instructions on how to hard or soft reset your phone, in the event you need to. For those unfamiliar, a soft reset is similar to removing the battery from your device, shutting it down, and allowing it to reboot into a hopefully less buggy environment. A hard reset wipes all personal information and data from the device, leaving it good as new, for purposes of resale and software debugging.
Click here to visit HardReset

I hope these two links help someone out there. As to our shop, we have been trucking along nicely these last few months, and have exciting news to present. I was accepted into Hampshire as an incoming first year student a few months back, and as the fall approaches, it's looking more and more like that will be the direction I'll be heading.

This doesn't mean our shop is closing, far from it. As classes start, I will be adjusting office hours, and doing more work by appointment, as opposed to walk-in, but other than that, business should continue as normal. I plan to attend Hampshire with a few goals in mind, relevant to the work we do here at MRRU.

Notably, I plan to use these next few years researching and developing new and interesting options for tools and processes for Repair Artists, both professional and amateur. I hope to push forward the science of the work we do into areas yet unexplored by the repair community. I want to implement powerful diagnostic tools, both hardware and software, to simplify the lives and work of Repair Artists everywhere.

While working on all this, I will certainly have less time to throw at company projects, but I hope that a balance can be found that keeps everyone happy. Here's looking forward to a few interesting years, and hoping for huge strides as we step forward into this new endeavour.

Thank you all for your support along this path as our business grows to serve you better.